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VARSHAVINN is an alternative/dark pop singer-songwriter, originally from India and now based out of Dubai. She is gaining recognition in the pop genre for her sirenesque yet powerful vocals and introspective songwriting. Influenced by artists like Lana Del Rey, Halsey, Taylor Swift, and Taylor Momsen, she's carving her own musical path while striving for perfection.

Her music, including tracks like " TRASH," "Make You Mine," "WOW," "girls like u," "Muse," "Reveal Me," and "Summer Fever," showcases her diverse talent as a writer. Her mini-album 'FORTRESS' highlighted her poetic lyrics, raw vocals, and distinctive melodies, leaving a lasting impact on her audience. "girls like u" gained attention on major playlists like A-LIST POP and New Music Daily on Apple Music, as well as Indie Music, New Music Friday, and Discover Weekly on Spotify.

VARSHAVINN's music explores themes of female duality, power, vulnerability, love, and mental health. Her live performances, including appearances at F1 Abu Dhabi 2019 and Dubai World Trade Center, exhibit her incredible stage presence and talent.

"Make You Mine" celebrates embracing the various facets of femininity, challenging societal norms, while "BLURRY" courageously addresses her personal struggles with mental health, embracing individuality, and rebelling against societal expectations.

As VARSHAVINN continues her journey, she aims to shed light on her experiences as a woman from the east embracing her dual nature, while preparing for the release of her anticipated debut album, "Sweet Poison," promising growth and artistic depth. With her captivating storytelling and unique sound, VARSHAVINN is leaving a mark in the alt-pop scene, inviting listeners into her distinct musical world.



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